Hilton Madness Recap/Happy Homecoming Weekend!

On October 12th, the men’s and women’s basketball teams gave CycloneNation a little taste of what is to come this upcoming basketball season. We previewed a bunch of action from both programs that provides us with hopeful attitudes. To be specific, in the dunk contest, Lindell Wigginton hopped over his teammate, Cameron Lard for a spectacular display of athleticism. The women’s team showed a great amount of promise with Alexis Middleton and Bridget Carlton leading the team. Overall, both programs will continue to improve this year and be a force to be reckoned with in the Big 12 Conference.


Another very important event for the Student Alumni Leadership Council is Homecoming! Although we are almost near the end of Homecoming Week, Cyclone Alley would just like to commend all of the people who made this week so special. From Yell Like Hell to Cardinal and Gold Tournaments, the work of Homecoming Central Committee members does not go unnoticed. Now lets go out and #WreckTech tomorrow. Go State!


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